How much for a Gaming PC with equivalent performance level to new XBox Series X ??

Posted 17th Oct 2020
My son currently has an XBox One S. He has convinced himself that he desperately needs a gaming PC! I tried to convince him that he'd be better off just upgrading his XBox One S to the new XBox Series X, so that he can continue to play all of his existing games, rather than buy them all over again for PC. I read somewhere that the new XBox Series X will be superior in performance to most gaming PC's, unless you're willing to spend a fortune. But he's having none of it. He's nearly 13, and all of his friends seem to be getting gaming PC's. My question is this: How much do I need to spend, and what would be the recommended components (motherboard, CPU, graphics card, RAM, SSD / HDD etc.) for a gaming PC which will give at least as good performance level as the new XBox Series X?
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