How much for a Potters Wheel

    As above a friend has refurbished this Podmore & Sons Manual Potters Wheel. It has new bearings and spins like a dream. I am told it is around 35 years old and from Stoke on Trent.
    We have seen one sold on fleabay for £150 so am wanting to find a price before we advertise it in local press as it would need picking up.



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    [IMG]http://POTTERS WHEEL 3[/IMG]

    Sort of answered your own question there, the ebay price is about the only comparison you are likely to get.

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    Thanks and I still can't get the pic up despite putting the link on!!! Never mind I will put it in the paper.

    Cheers for replies

    There about £9.99

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    How the heck did you do that?

    I keep trying and trying to get pics up as I have loads of clothes/bags/shoes/boots to sell and have pics of them all but keep getting it wrong!

    I have read and re read all the info on how to do it but still no joy!

    I hope there is a way to upload them all and just put a link to the whole album, if I wasn't brain dead!!

    I may try tinypic or the other one as photobucket is beyond me................

    Thanks again :thumbsup:

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