How much for a PS3 80gb


    Recently purchased one of the slims in the sainsburys deal yesterday. I've now got an 80gb to sell. I can probably chuck in a game or two.

    How much should i realistically ask for it?


    If it's at v3.41 firmware then usually more than a later firmware.

    yeah but it can be downgraded

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    Sadly it's got the latest firmware. I was thinking anything from around 100-140?


    £140 delivered if mint

    Yep your estimate is about right, would have been defo worth £140 if mint and on v3.41.

    You now have to wait 7 days to list on here though. Once you put it up send me a pm as i may possibly be interested.

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    Sorry to disappoint but i'll be selling it locally, not listing it here. I was mainly posting here to see if anybody had a rough idea of its value. Thank you for the interest though.

    Game are buying in at £120 according to my local today

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    Boxed or unboxed?

    It may be an option if i can't sell it on.
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