How much for an old 360?

    I have had a launch 360 from day 1 and it has never got a red light and i've used it lots and its a really reliable machine. Im thinking of selling it to raise funds for a elite but im not really sure how much money i will be expecting. I will sell it with the 20gb hardrive and 1 controller and probs 1 game. How much do you think i should put it up for?


    I recently took my xbox into game for trade and they gave £80 for the console. and didnt even check it... Mine was in perfect working order.

    Call your local store and ask for the trade in price,

    Ebay isn't the way to do it on these consoles as they go for very little money...



    According to CEX, an xbox360 is worth about £50 second hand.

    My Husband sold his Elite last week and had a quote from Gamestation of £70 for the Elite, 120GB HDD and cables all boxed. He decided to sell privately and got £110.
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