How much for my Xbox 360?

    I'm looking to sell my Xbox 360 but not sure how much it's worth.

    It's the HDMI Arcade version but it has the 120GB HDD from an Elite. It comes with the power brick, TV lead, Xbox Live Vision camera and a wired headset.

    It's all boxed with all the manuals etc plus if I remember it's never been registered with Microsoft so does that mean it's still got it's 3 year warranty?

    What will I get for this?



    Look on ebay in completed sales


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    Thought I would have got a little more than that?

    You wont have the full three year warranty lol. I don't know exactly how they work it, although I believe if they have no other info then they'd go by the date you first connected the console to Live.

    Also, the £70-80 estimate is what I'd imagine to be the higher end of what you're likely to fetch. Which motherboard revision you have will most greatly determine that though!

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    How do I find out which motherboard it has?

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    Which is the better motherboard?

    I think it maybe a Falcon.

    What's the manufacture date of the console?
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