How much for my Xbox 360 bundle?

Found 26th Mar 2015
Looking to sell my Xbox 360 bundle which includes a Kinect, 30 odd games, 2 guitars and a load of accessories.

Really not sure where to start but just looking to get a rough estimate before I either sell it on here or on eBay.

Xbox Slim 250GB with Kinect (boxed,all leads, HDMI cable, extra controller)

Games -
Call of Duty Black Ops
Call of Duty Black Ops 2
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary
Halo 3 ODST
Halo 4
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
The Sims 3
Batman Arkham Asylum
Batman Arkham City
Battlefield 3
Battlefield 4
Need for Speed Rivals
Pure / Lego Batman (bundle)
Saints Row - The Third
Dirt 3
Dirt Showdown
Red Dead Redemption
Max Payne 3 (sealed)
Guitar Hero 5
Guitar Hero World Tour
Rock Band 3
Rock Band - The Beatles
Kinect Sports (Kinect)
Kinect Adventure (Kinect)
Dance Central 3 (Kinect)
You're In The Movies
Xbox Live Arcade (Vol 1 & 2)

Accessories -

Media Remote
Wireless Headset and charge cable
Xbox Live Vision Camera
Xbox Live Chatpad
Wired Headset
Rock Band Wireed Microphone
Data Transfer cable and CD
Microsoft Audio Adapter
Play and Play Charge Cable (non official)
2 Guitars (1 wired, 1 wireless)

Any advice would be grateful.

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Have u tried cex for cash prices. U can get prices online
£200-£220 the lot imho
You're In The Movies is def worth at least 30p
IMO, go through the CEX prices and pick a mid-point between their buy for cash and sell prices.
If you do try to sell via Ebay / Gumtree, I would sell as several lots - the guitars & Mic + GH games as one (or two) lot, the 360 & kinect as another lot, and then the accessories & other games either separately or one huge bundle.
It's a great collection but I can't see anyone person wanting the whole lot and trying to sell as one would put many people off, IMO.
great lot, but as people have said would be best selling separately. Sell it all together and people will always expect a lower price as its "old console".

I recently sold my ps3 with about 10 games for £120 - I would say if you split you might get £250 if your lucky. Look at CEX for what they buy the games for, then put them for sale for a few quid more each on gumtree
Thanks for all the advice everyone.
It looks like my best bet is to break the bundle up into possibly 4 parts.
Xbox, Guitars and Rockband games, accessories and game bundle.
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