Found 29th Feb 2008
Hi All

Looking for some advice, currently my xBox addiction is taking all my gaming time, also were in the middle of saving so extra funds would be good.

To that degree looking at selling my PSP + Games but not sure on their market value, contents as follows:
Sony PSP (Normal) + Charger etc... No offical speakers
Extras including UMD cases, docking stand, a rubber case and some other bits.

Gangs of London
Ridge Racer 2
Marvel Ultimate Alliance
GTA: Vice City Stories

All mint and some unplayed.

What sort of value would I be able to get for this? Either here or on AV Forums?


maybe £90-100 for the lot maximum

£85 max i think.

some good games- CEX would prob pay about £85 so £100-110 here

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just noticed also have a unoffical 2gb card with it.

Added up at Cex without accessories that would pay £85 (well done billyX) could get £108 trade so might list for £110 me thinks is all mint condition as well (hardly used the thing!!)

My god, I spend too much time in cex lol!
My last hacked PSP sold for £70 here, PSP games sell well here so id suggest selling separately will get you nearer your target, but PES and RR2 might be hard to shift. I'm currently debating wether to sell my US crimson and red DS pack and get a PSP again, so will def check it out if you list

Edit- on checking my spreadsheet, I made a profit of £2800 from buying and selling to CeX in the last year, so it's prob good that I can second guess their prices eh! blimey, that's surprised me! Balls, end of the tax year is coming up

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Thanks all for help advertising ]Here although might be to high for some people.

May consider DS/360 trades but would need cash as well


you have two hhtp's in your link :thumbsup:

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Cheers Sassie I though I was the only one trolling the forums at this hour!

Oh and like you I have to stop spending

My mate won a PSP in a pub quiz machine the other day.......lucky git.
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