How much for swimming lessons

    I have a 5 yr old son who has been going to swimming lessons for a yr and is going now where with them,the lessons were in a mixed class of around 10.i was going to enquire at the local leisure club about 1 2 1 lessons,just wondering if people out there take theres to 1 2 1 lessons and if so what kind of prices would i expect to pay and for how long a lesson


    Not an answer to your question, but..... My lad was doing swimming lessons from 4½ years in a mixed class of approx 10 and like your son was going no where fast. Took him out of the lessons for a break for approx 3 months and re-enrolled and hey presto, something just clicked (had just turned 6). Gone from strength to strength. We also were considering the 1 2 1 option at the time but never needed to pursue.

    A much, much cheaper option is teach him yourself. If you can spare an hour a week to take him swimming it will yield much quicker results and he will probably enjoy it much more. My two children were taught to swim by their dad, and that wasn't even going every week. They both swim like fishes now.

    We pay £42 per 10 sessions at our local coucil run leisure centre, Some people on a lower income can get something called passport to leisure, this will bring the cost down to £32 per 10 sessions.

    Just becareful though, as We paid thinking 10 sessions covers 1 level,

    Level 1 was 1 £42,
    level 2 was 2 parts - 2 x £42
    Level 3 was 3 parts - 3 x £42 And so on..................
    We now on Level 4 and its costing us a bomb! but she is so good at it. I feel once she is on level 5 I will just take her myself and build on her strength

    My daughter has 1 2 1 lessons it costs £11 an hour
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