How much for this Xbox 360 package?

Found 31st Aug 2009
I've got a boxed Xbox 360 that I would like to sell.
It's an arcade hdmi model that I bought around last December.
I haven't got a memory card with but I bought a 60gig hard drive for it.
It's in excellent condition, the only thing wrong is minor, one of the flaps on the memory card slots is damaged.
Also got the head set, a HD DVD Drive (boxed) and 3 months on live.
The games are:
Forza 2
Fifa 08
Table Tennis
Xbox live arcade 1 + 2 with 1 months subscription to live
PDC world championship darts
Pro Evo 6

The HD DVDs are:
The Hitcher
Dragon heart
The Game
The Reaping
Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
The Searchers
An American Werewolf in London
Superman 2 the Richard Donner cut
Transformers (sealed)
Oceans 11
The Bourne Ultimatum (damaged case)
Blood Diamond
Carlito's way
Superman the movie (1978)

Thanks in advance
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Dunno, you should be able to get £150 for it easy....
Not suitable for deal req.. moved to Misc
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