How much for xbox 360 with 10 games

I am thinking of selling my xbox 360 and getting a PS3 instead.

Can anyone give me an idea of what sort of price I should be asking for as I have no idea

60Gb HDD
10 Games Including:
-Forza 3
-Dirt 2
-Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
-Call of Duty: Black Ops
2 Wireless controllers
Console is black if it makes any difference
It is the jasper model so no RROD
All cables and everything to go with (including box)


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£50 seems a tad cheap. I can see some Arcade or 20gb or no games etc going for £50


Your talking out your **** black ops alone sells for £25 xbox with the rest of the games would be easily £90

I bought a 120g 360 on here before xmas , with one controller , wireless adapter , all cables and an extra front fascia , all boxed with books etc for £90 del , dont know if thats any help ?

I would estimate about £120 (depending on the other games)

Also, Now you have asked this the mods will not allow you to list this on here for 7 days.

I would get this thread locked now you have your answer

Just a word of advice

if you sell on ebay, you will probably be better off to sell need for speed and cod black ops separate, and then the lower value games with the xbox as a bundle to up the value a bit for people who want more than just an xbox so they will at least have some games to play as well when they receive it.

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Thanks for the advice all, how do I request a lock?


Thanks for the advice all, how do I request a lock?

Use the report button, and ask nicely for it to be locked

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done and done

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