How much gas do you use a year!??

    I am currently in the process of getting a gas supplied to my property and central heating installed!!!!!

    If you have ever had storage heaters on economy 7 then you would understand the excitment!

    I am trying to findout what my approximat usage in kWh would be!

    3 Bedroom end Terrace 3 adults all working.

    anyone in a similar situation how can tell me what they use a year/week/month/quater?



    Live in 2 bed house with fiancee and daughter. We both work full time. Use around £13 a month gas when no radiators used (water heated 1 hour a day). Winter is between £30 and £50pm.

    We have this same problem, Me and Saxo_appeal stay together and we have our baby daughter and the storage heaters are rubbish!!! Cant wait till we get our gas all sorted up in the flat! on topic though the surveyor told me we would save £800 per year switching to gas
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