How much is 50g of rolling tobacco now (pub not shop price ;-) ?

Found 3rd Apr 2013
I owe a friend for a favour, & got a shock when I saw the price of 50g in the shops. Its years since I bought it.
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£7 - £7.50
50g is around £15

50g is around £15

I think we know that.... it says "pub price"
Ah, ok. Sorry misunderstood that. I need to drink in your pub then!
£7 for 50g drum or golden virginia

£32 for 200 mayfair

£38 for 200 b&h


£7 for 50g drum or golden virginia£32 for 200 mayfair£38 for 200 b&h

Its nice to see the market economy influencing pub prices away from the round figures!!!
The best thing you can for your mate is to get them some nicotine patches and help them quit smoking. They will owe you for saving their life then
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For real GV it around £8.50/9.00 but there a lot of cra* about so be careful

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