how much is a DUAL SIM mobile worth that has TV function??

    Just wanted to know how much a Touch screen mobile is worth....
    Dual Sim (2 sims inside the phone at once, tried and working a charm)
    Watch TV without paying any network etc
    MicroSD card support
    1.3mp camera (front and back)
    And all other stuff you would get in a normal phone (mp3, 3gp, games etc support)


    have you been looking around on ebay by any chance?

    Probably worth about £100 new + less used.

    Depends entirely on the phone. Which phone is it?

    i would avoid it - the specs look nice but in reality they are rubbish - my brother got one and didn't like it - was fortunate enough to sell it for the amount he paid - which was around £100

    i wouldn't spend more than £50 - but even that is a waste of money in my view lol

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    my friend has it and boy it looks nice!
    It's some china make Z90 or something cant remember properly, but the TV quality isn't bad at all lol and the advantage of 2 sims inside at once.
    I will try and get a pic of it
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