How much is a geforce 5900xt graphics card worth?

Found 3rd Jul 2009
I'm going to sell it but don't have a clue what its worth, it's hardly been used with all the instructions and original box, cheers
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I would say £20
Can't see you selling it at all tbh. It's over 5 year old technology.
Last two on ebay went for £10.99 and £15...

I would say £20


Last two on ebay went for £10.99 and £15...

thanks lads rep left:thumbsup:

thanks lads rep left:thumbsup:

Ah, I see. My opinion is worthless because it's not what you wanted to hear?
It's an old high end card, which means it's about as fast as a new £30 card but consumes 10x the power and doesn't have the most recent extras like blu-ray decoding assistance. The only time something like that is valuable is when it's the last model before the switched to a new interface, and that's not the case here as AGP 8x cards were made for several years afterwards.
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