how much is a halo xbox worth

    how much is a green halo xbox worth 20 gig with 2 offical green controlers and like 30 games inc guitar hero wt with 2 guitars and grear 1 and 2 cod 4 stuff like that


    aaaaaah 175,

    no idea but if you are going to sell it on here then you have to get this thread locked by a mod then wait a full week before listing it in the fs/ft section.

    oh and it'd also probably be helpful to say exactly what comes with it. check the completed listings on ebay as well.

    Xbox with 20gb and two controllers would go for about £110 - £120 (given it won't have any warranty and won't be HDMI or Jasper board). Games can vary a lot in price - check completed listings on ebay and knock a couple of quid off to ensure people get interested on here.

    tbh your best to sell the game sep and then the hard drive and then flog the console - will make more than £175
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