How much is a Independent TV engineer report?

Found 12th Apr 2013
Just need to know the average cost as TV has broken 15 months after buying it. So am required to find one
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Why dont you take it back? What Make is it? Model? Problem? You never know someone on here may be able to help.......
15 months old so they are asking me to get a report on the problem and they will reimburse if it wasn't my fault. It's a sharp aquos Quattron 42". Won't turn on and has gone into protection mode so the all it does is the power light blinks won't respond to remote of front panel buttons. Left it unplugged for a while still nothing.
If they are reimbursing you just phone up and get someone, regardless of the cost......
they will only refund if its a inherant fault, a report will be aroiund £50 ish , just get hold of the yellow pages and ring some local shops
Sorry to hear of your troubles, OP. I remember this old chestnut from years back when I worked at an electrical retailer. It is designed to make the customer think twice about bothering to try and make a claim. Some 'engineers' will charge £70-80 to do this kind of thing. Best route is if you know anyone in the electrical industry/field to just write you a 'fault report' for the price of a drink. It's not worth spending a lot as the retailer will just refuse the report or ask you to get another 'independant' report from a particular company etc...etc...

It's a very annoying, frustrating game that they play. I really hope you get somewhere and your retailer is willing to play ball but I fear not. I take it your TV obviously only had a 1yr warranty?

I had a similar case with an Epson printer that failed 2 days over the warranty expiry. It had hardly done any work in the year I had it but Epson didn't want to know. They wanted an engineer report; which I obtained; but it was refused (typically) but I thought I'd try anyway. The best I got was by asking what they could do if I bought another Epson printer? I got a free set of cartridges. Moral? If all else fails - ask what they would be willing to do if you decided to buy a new TV from them? You don't have to threaten them but using your present case as leverage just might get you a decent discount - better than getting the TV repaired, and you get a full, new warranty. Just a thought...

Best of luck, OP.

Regards, Phsy.
Argos are quite decent and will review the circumstances of the failure. Ask Argos if they have any preferred experts or if they are happy for you to chose a company. If it is misuse or reasonable for the component to fail (which it won't be), they are not liable but if the fault is confirmed as a premature component failure or inherent defect, they will pay for the report and repair costs. If you paid by credit card, copy them the communication as well as they are equally liable (Section 75 Consumer Credit Act).

Edit: Just realised it was from Sainsbury's but the same stands.
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