how much is a mini keyboard

    just wondering how much you can get a mini keyboard for. Im not looking for anything much just a cheapy thing.


    depends, can get basic keyboard for a few quid, thinking about having a thrash on my organ shortly

    fiver on ebay

    How small are you looking for? I believe you can get the keysonic nano keyboard (eee PC keyboard sized) for about £20-£30. If you're just looking for a normal 88-key keyboard without the F-keys, navigation keys and numpad then you can probably get it for…130

    Also take a llok in your local, TESCO. as sure i saw some there, + they have them portable rubber ones too.


    Yeah, that's the nano one. It's a really cute little thing.

    Also, what are you going to use it for? Most of these will be laptop-style keyboards so if you're looking to get a portable proper keyboard to replace a nasty laptop one then you'll have to say.

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    Yes they are perfect just wanted to see how much a smaller keyboard was, but just out of interest how much are the tiny portable ones they look really smart.

    I have one of these,…829

    and one of these…305 (although mines the silver model)

    I wouldn't recommend the former (keys press awkwardly and sometimes not at all, leading to lots of typos) but the latter works well, and sits nicely in front of the mini itx box (well actually, a custom thing thats slightly smaller) on my desk.
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