How much is a new zune sealed 30gb (red)

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Found 8th Oct 2009
Was wondering how much is a red zune worth in the uk?

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Oh rep left for people that help but will contain really bad puns......hehe


id say you may get around 60 squid maybe a little more

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Everyone else agree (also rep left......told you bad puns)

sold a black 30gb one on fleabay months ago for 60

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its only me;6520603

sold a black 30gb one on fleabay months ago for 60

New and sealed or used?
You see been offered a sealed 30gb for £73

Actually it was 9 months ago and was used one 1st generation. Zune not much use over here as the zune pass (microsofts itunes) doesn't work or has very limited access in the uk. So is really just a big mp3 to put your cd's on.

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Cheers rep left.

30gb are the first gen zunes... £74 is a bit over priced IMO.

I had a 80gb Zune, sold it for ~£100 nearly a year ago. I've seen them go on various forums for ~£80.

Zune HD (like iPod Touch) has just come out in USA, so no doubt the price of the older Zunes will have come down a bit.

Zune's are wicked mp3 players, but because of the lack of UK available accessories and the like, they can be a bit restricted.

Edit - Just had a quick Google and it seems the 30 and 80 have actually gone up in price! There used to be a uk website that sold them at about the same price as the iPods, but it seems to have disappeared. You could always import one from America and hope it doesn't get VAT and duty whacked on top?
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