How much is Advent DHE 2000 Media Center PC Worth?

I'm looking into selling a Media Center PC that I've had for a while now but not sure how much to ask for it. The spec is as follows:

Windows XP Media Center Edition
Pentium 4 - 2.80ghz
1GB Ram
180 GB HDD
256 Radeon x300
Wireless Card
6 usb (2 on front, 4 rear)
2 x firewire
Hauppauge Win TV 88X - (displays freeview channels)
VGA & DVI ports
7 in 1 card reader

How much do you think I should be looking at selling the item for?



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Forgot to mention. Comes with wireless keyboard and remote.

charge per kilo, will make you rich lol


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Thanks. Gives me a rough idea what to ask for it.

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