"How much is an Eminem?" "50 Cent" "What? That's Ludacris!"

    get it?


    Cruising The Streets I got Stiff Little Fingers whilst chasing a N.E.R.D.

    I went down The Subways and met the Union Underground before deciding to have a Green Day and walk.

    Stiff little Fingers are amazing!!

    I know it's not the game but it had to be said

    I Pray that you're Back for Good so Take That!

    Well I like them....:-D


    Every morning I walk past two post trays on a shelf as I make my way to my desk...and I always think to myself:

    "Uno, dos, trays"

    Sad isn't it? Makes me chuckle though...


    Original Poster

    it wasnt that bad?


    post in here…525

    Facebook Rip off lol
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