How much is an iPhone 8GB 3g worth?

    hiya guys!

    i've got a black iPhone 8GB 3g that i may wish consider selling, but im not entirely sure on its value etc.

    i'll give you the low down on whats happened with it,

    i had an iphone up until a couple of weeks ago when the battery life became terrible. i bought a G1 but then found out that i could return this under its warranty and get a new handset. i went to the apple shop and they gave me a brand new replacement but this is now surplus to requirements.

    i was just wondering, how much would this be worth to sell? bearing in mind its like brand new. it has some headphones, its USB cable and plug adapter; no box because it was lost when i moved house. i would be willing to purchase a new WiFi sim off ebay so it ould have the full 12 months free wifi and £10 credit with it as well

    any help will be much appreciated and rep will be left accordingly!



    £300 but you cant list it here for a week now til this is expired

    approx £280,dependant how quick you want to shift it

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    hi. thanks for the quick replies. i'm in no rush to sell it, its just that its sat there doing nothing and i would rather somebody had some use out of it! so waiting 7 days shouldnt be a problem.

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    approx £280,dependant how quick you want to shift it

    really that much?

    I diddnt know it was worth that much.

    May sell mine . . . .

    Umm, no, cos I dont know what else I would use, its the best phone in the world!!

    get the ball rolling lol!

    i'll offer you £10 :P

    just wondering, but how does the g1 compare to the iphone?

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