how much is an iphone worth....

Found 7th Mar 2009
as title, thinking for the for sale thread but no idea how much to ask

iphone, 8gb, 2g, problem is the screen is cracked at the bottom , touch still works fine but obviously theres a crack in the glass that needs replacing, any idea how much it would knock off its value? cheers!

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ill give you £80

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i dont want offers! lol wonder what its worth mate, not sure if its worth fixing myself as obviously in fully working condition is a lot more

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nobody know a rough price?

these guys charge 120 quid to repair it so the £80 offer looks good! :thumbsup:…9Zg

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it wont cost 120 to repair tho, its jsut a piece of glass and you could probably do it yourself for a fiver, obviously wouldnt be perfect, im sure you could get it done for a lot less than 120 tho!

If it's just the glass screen that's broken I'd fix it yourself before selling it. You can buy replacement screens on eBay for under £10 then you could sell it for significantly more than a broken one. (I did this to mine)

When it was broken I was getting stupid offers of £60-90, after replacing the screen it sold for £245. That was about 4 months ago though so they've probably gone down in price a bit.
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