How much is an MGF worth with a blown head gasket?

Found 2nd Apr 2010
I'm looking to sell my car (not on here) but have no idea how much it's worth. It's an MGF VVC 1.8 but the dreaded head gasket has gone for the second time in its short life. I've looked at getting this fixed and couldn't find a price sub £600 and having just spent £250 on an MOT my funds are dry.
I dont know a great deal about cars I just look after the ones I have so just wondering if anyone has any idea if this is still worth anything as I'm praying it doesnt need scrapping!

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How olds the car, mileage etc..

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sorry can't believe i left that out! 87,000 miles, X reg (2000) got all previous mots and services etc

According to Glass's guide the trade in values are
Excellent condition: £1255
Average condition: £1105
Below average condition: £965
Your probably not going to get more than a couple of hundred quid for it.

They all seem to have head gasket problems on a regular basis, sadly it will not be worth very much.

Try eBay declare the fault.

How much would you pay for a car that needed a tow?

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Will stick it on ebay then I think. It has the hardtop and they seem to be worth a bit on their own and will just take whatever I can get for the car itself. Certainly wont be buying another MG in the future

my sister had hers fixed but it had never been the same, had a new head gasket cost £600 then loads of other problems, sell it, I told her to do that a long time ago - about £2,000 ago - good luck why not sell separately you may get more, i.e. hard top, soft top, wheels etc


mate break the car.
youll get more
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