How much is it to reconnect a bt phoneline someone posted about it a few weeks ago but i cant find it

    I was interested in reconnecting the phoneline in our house and someone had said that they had got an offer and it only costed them about £24, i just wondered where it was or if anyone has a link that tells you how as i could find it when i looked



    dont they have that offer on every now and then where if you go back to bt you get it free

    it will either be free, or £122.33, if you say you have been offered the £29.99 connection and ask to be put through to COT they will charge yu that, but it will be a 18 month contract, and you have to make at least 10 calls per month from your landline.

    I reconnected at the of November and got it free on basic package for 12 months, I just went through on their website as normal

    it depends if you have a bt compatable line stopped at theproperty, if so its free, if theres none, or its damaged etc etc then there will be a charge

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    We have 2 houses joined together and 2 lines coming in but cos it is family living next door we have only ever used the one line. The lady who rented before had her own line and number but it is unconnected coming in near a window.
    I was interested in the sky offer but i am right in thinking it is only £16.50 for the first 3 months cos i have a friend that has done it and she says it is but i dont see it in the small print

    if you thinking of joining sky, they may refund or give u a credit on the bt reconnection fee of £120 odd i think it is, might be an idea and ask them if i were to join would i get the refund for the connection fee (bt)
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