How much is it to send 2 PS3 games in the post first class again?

Found 9th Dec 2008
I haven't got time to go to the post office so i was going to slap a few first class stamps on the package im sending which contains 2 PS3 games. How much is it normally via the post office?

If i put 4 first class im guessing that would be more than enough ya think? (i know it is just peace of mind lol!).


Bit risky mate as you won't be covered....

i think its somethink like 1.50£
one game def 0.78p

asking for trouble if you dont get recorded

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Haven't got time unfortunately! my daily schedule is go from when i get up at 8 till 9 at night.

Thx jeff what i thought tbh


78p each or 194p for both (strange but true as 1 = large letter, 2 = packet rates)

I can see a thread coming up.......................

I sent two ps3 games through the post but buyer said he didnt receive them. Do I have to refund them as I cannot provide proof of posting or delivery


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Hehe aye thx, gonna get the daughter to send them when she comes in from school recorded.
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