how much is my final fantasy game worth........ final fantasy vi (6)

hi i still have this game from a year or so. Its for the ps1, final fantasty 6 with the demo disk full instructions and also instructions for the demo. Case in very good condition. Didnt play this one much, i tend to sell and buy on here on the FS/FT but am not sure how much to ask for this as i paid quite a fair bit for it and i dont think i ahve ever used it. (It was new when i got it too) Disks are fab condition.
I know its PS1 but.....didn't really want to lose too much on it.

Any advice?


have a look on CEX and see what the cashin price is, its generally give you a good idea on what to charge

EDIT: done it for you

Origin: UK
CeX stores buy for cash: £0.60
CeX Stores give exchange value: £1.00

id just keep it mate

ebay shows between £7-15

Original Poster

thanks....for the ebay search... see the ones at £15 wernt vgc either. will give it a try for that ...thanks

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