How much is my iphone worth

    I am wanting to sell my Iphone 3G 8GB but am not sure how much to sell it for - almost certainly on ebay.

    The little silver silence switch at the side has come off if I'm honest but appart from that it is in perfect nick.

    I have had it unlocked offically with O2 so any Sim would work in it and it is currently Jailbroken - should I leave it this way? I have many paid apps but am not too fussy about these.

    Any body got any ideas? ?



    £165 cash on mazumamobile

    not sure about ebay

    have you tried doing a search for it on Ebay.....and then tick the completed section to find out the ACTUAL prices that the phones have been sold for?

    Original Poster

    I had a look around on ebay yes but didnt see any with a broken switch - i personally think thats very minor and ive had no problems with not having it - but I think its only fair to mention it just havent got a clue how much it is now worth.

    well list it including the broken switch and expect a few pounds less.
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