How much is my PC worth??

    recently got a new Pc so looking to sell my old one,

    Its a MSI MEGA 180,

    the CPU is a AMD 2500
    It has 1GB RAM
    120GB HDD
    256mb Nvidea Graphics Card

    Looks like a Hi-Fi from the front,

    more details here…134

    NOTE: the above website lists the on board graphics , i purchased the nvidea graphhics card.

    Comes with XP, very clean no dents or scratches

    Just selling the base unit, So how much is this worth?


    £100 ish i suppose

    yep I had roughly the same spec on an old PC and sold it for a £100

    Strange looking thing it easy to add on components etc.?

    those are very similar to the old Shuttle machines. Had one a while ago, pretty standard inside, although the motherboard is bespoke it will take normal sized components, although some GFX cards and memory with heatsinks may be a problem.

    £100 is about right I would say.

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    Thanks for the help guys:thumbsup:
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