Found 6th May 2009
Hi guys, I put together a PC a couple of months back but due to a change in living circumstances a laptop is now much more appropriate.

Here's the spec I went with…jpg

It was built with overclocking in mind though as yet it's been left as is.One more thing I was planning on keeping the HDD as i'll use it in an external enclosure with my laptop.

Thanks for looking.

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Now clickable


seems to me ur an avid follower of custom pc no?

try posting this spec on some computing forums too to get the best price :-)


ill give you £200 or trade for my lappy?

The specs are pretty current so you should get new price minus a bit because it's second hand. Not having an O/S or hard drive might put a lot of people off though, maybe £250-300?

New price minus 30%. So £300 with the harddrive or £250-£260 without.

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Cheers guys you've given me some things to think on, and you're right Kapows my build was inspired by Custom PC.
Just a thought, what about splitting it up and selling the parts, would that help price?
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