How much is my phone worth?

    I've just ordered the Nokia N96 and now want to sell my N95 original - NOT 8gb. It is in excellent condition and is about 14 months old. It is locked to orange. I was wandering if i should send it to carphone warehouse who are giving £100 for it or is it worth more than that? If I get the general opinion it is worth more i will offer it on here later in the for sale forum as soon as my N96 arrives.

    Thanks in advance. Manj_007


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    Try these sites to get an … Try these sites to get an idea[COLOR=#0000ff]][/COLOR][COLOR=#800080]][/COLOR][COLOR=#0000ff]][/COLOR][COLOR=#800080]][/COLOR][COLOR=#0000ff][/COLOR]

    Cheers but prices on these are a bit low. If thats all im gonna get then might aswell carphone warehouse it or maybe ebay - but want to avoid fees!


    Not really much more..

    [COLOR=darkorchid]prices have gone down since the N95 8GB has arrived[/COLOR]

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    cheers guys. Thanks for taking the time to look

    yep sell it to carphonewarehouse you get no trouble, hassle etc or if you want a few quid more you "may" be able to get £110 here.

    Good luck

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