How much is my wii worth ?

    Bassicaly , i just dont play it no more , i only brought it for mario kart , but at the same time id rather keep it then sell it for peanuts

    what would i get for it all together

    The wii with all leads
    2 wii motes
    1 nunchuck
    1 classic controller
    2 gb sd card
    gamecube 16 mb memory card
    2 gamecube controllers
    1 double charging wii mote docking station
    wii zapper


    mario galaxy
    mario kart
    house of the dead 2 and 3
    house of the dead overkill
    mario party 8
    super smash bros brawl
    manhunt 2
    wii play

    without cases - zelda twilight princess - ( its the one you can use to do the crack with- but ive never done it , didnt see the point 0
    super paper mario

    so how much would you say its worth ? how much would you be willing to pay for the lot ?

    any input would be apprciated

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    Have you tried the CEX website for prices or Ebay completed listings?
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