How much is my Xbox 360 worth?

    I am thinking about selling my 360 as i really couldnt afford to buy it in the first place and the money could go to better use somewhere else.

    Can someone please advise me how much my console would rougthly be worth and who would give the best trade in value/most cash (gamestation or CEX)

    All help is appreciated.

    I have a 2 month old Xbox 360 Premium(with HDMI) in immaculate condition
    All leads and box.
    20GB Hard Drive and Wireless Controller
    Assasins Creed
    Blazing Angels
    Splinter Cell : Double Agent (Sealed)
    Just Cause (Sealed)
    Top Spin 2 (Sealed)
    Stuntman Ignition (Sealed)

    And possibly an extra wireless controller thats still sealed.

    Thanks in advance.


    should get about £200 on ebay. Dont no about trade in value Id phone around the stores asking


    head over to the cex website and price your stuff up. they list how much cash and store credit they give as well as how much they sell it for.

    I'd say £225. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks for replying. Rep added to you all for your advice.

    I think i'll have a look into ebay as CeX will only offer £102 cash for the console.

    I've never bought or sold anything through ebay before tho so am a little bit wary of getting burnt.

    Thanks again

    I will have it off you, you could sel the games seperately to make up to £200. 6 games at £15 each = £90. How about £125 delivered? I can pay paypal if you like. Ebay profile is adz1478, I have 100% feedback

    sorry, will have to withdraw my offer, have just bought another one.
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