How much is o2 staff discount

Found 29th Sep 2016
Hi there

Does anyone know what the current rate of staff discount for o2 is? Thinking of getting a contract with the staff discount and may know someone but id only approach them if its worth going for.

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I'm not certain, but i knew someone that worked for o2, and he got a mutual friend an iphone, I'm sure he said it was 50% off. that was a couple of years ago tho.
Depends how light fingered you are
Friends and family is 30%
you get 50% off airtime plan if you have a phone too and 30% if its a sim only contract
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Cheers, thank you all
as far as I remember, there is no staff discounts for sim only contracts... and the discount generally is 30% if you work in the store 50% if you work in their head office.

the discounts will only work on the airtime tariff, so if you get a contract for £20 (£10 airtime and £10 phone cost ) for month you will be paying £17 in total as you get discount only on the airtime..

this is how it used to be 3 years back, it may be changed now....
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