How much is recorded delivery these days?

Posted 28th Feb 2010
Just wondered as I've never really known with these things and am wanting to post up my psp for sale with recorded delivery for a quick sale, I wouldn't expect it to be any more than a tenner but would like somebody's expert opinion on the matter.

P.S I don't know the weight or dimensions of the package exactly therefore am relying on your guesstimation's.

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It would be under a tenner for sure!
Shouldnt be more than a fiver I'm guessing recorded delivery

This should give you some idea ]http//sg…x=6
about £3.40, though with recorded its not fully covered. £5.40 i think for special delivery
yeah a boxed phone being sent special del is about £6.25. Might be worthwhile considering special del as it's guatranteed next day by 1pm and youlre insured for upto £500. Recorded is normally only up to £35/£36.
Ok it's special delivery I'd be looking at as I'd want it to be covered for the buyer's sake.

Thanks for the quick responses guys, rep added.
Recorded delivery is always the cost of 2 x Standard First Class stamps on top of standard postage.

The Level of cover is always the value of 100 x First Class Stamps

If you know the weight of the package you can find the cost here ]Royal Mail Price Finder

For a PSP I would use Special Delivery for peace of mind though, it shouldnt cost much more.
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