How much is the following worth? Xbox 360 + HDD + 11 Games + 2 Controllers

Hi. Just wanted to know what the following would be worth if I was to sell it.

Xbox 360 20GB Premium. Just had a new motherboard put in as ROD but it was the Power Supply which was faulty. A new Power Supply unit was delivered this morning from MS and all works perfectly fine.

2 Joytech Wired Controllers (Dont fancy giving the Wireless as il need all 4 for Multiplayer PES2009)

Component Cable
Ethernet Cable

Need For Speed Most Wanted
Pro Evo 6
Pro Evo 2008
Table Tennis
Splinter Cell - Double Agent Collectors Edition in a metal tin
Call of Duty 2
King Kong
Perfect Dark Zero - Collectors Edition
World Championship Snooker 2007

I may include Fable 2 if I do not sell it seperately. Still Sealed and Shrink Wrapped.

I bought the 60gb Asda deal and the only game I play at the moment is Pro Evo 2009 and GTA so no need for others.


Production date? Hdmi?

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Hi. Its the original 20gb made late 2005.


Believe it to have the BenQ drive.

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Not a lot really - 2005 model is very unattractive, unless it's modded. Most of the games are old hat too. And wired unofficial controllers to boot... If I were you, I'd post it on open auction ebay and let the market decide - sometimes people on there are tempted to pay over the odds for anything with a big bundle of games. Perhaps a first time 360 buyer who doesn't know much about them..?

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Liddle ol' me;3316854

Perhaps a first time 360 buyer who doesn't know much about them..?

Exactly what I was thinking. Big bundles normally fetch more. Ive been looking at eBay and 20gb are fetching £140ish with a few games.

Should I sell now or wait a week before Christmas?
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