how much is this ipod 8gb look-a-like worth??

    Just wanted to know generally how much someone would pay for an ipod look-a-like that was 8gb (mp3/mp4/radio)…jpg

    1 of ma mate has it. I got mistaken for the real thing lol but he told me it was a look a like.

    edit- cant make the image show lol can someone plz tell me how to??



    There ya go
    I'll PM you how to do it


    about £40

    Original Poster

    cheers wierdowoss rep left.
    hahaha lol he paid £70 ish lol

    I would say about 70


    I'd say £50-60 depending on the screen quality

    £70!?! surely not worth that much, is it one of the really slim ones?

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    yeh it look like the one proper in the pic.

    sorry i think it the new ipod nano look a like.
    Its the same size, shape and looks only difference is that it plays mp3 and videos instead of itunes.

    Edit: just noticed that the real one hasnt got a 'vol' at the bottom the fake one has.
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