How much is this laptop worth?

    Compaq Evo n800c

    p4 2ghz
    1gb ram
    30gb harddrive
    infra red
    ethernet port

    Some mate has offered it to me for £100 yesterday?

    Sorry for these threads.


    Are you really going to believe anything anyone says at half past midnight??

    Original Poster

    yep hes not a person that would lie. It is cheap then?

    about £75

    ok for doing basic stuff. i wouldnt pay more then £80 for it.

    45 quid for it


    Ive got an n600 sitting here doing diddley squat!

    if he's offerin you 100, TAKE IT!!!!

    Original Poster

    nope i was looking to buy. I need a p4 laptop without wifi because i need to do my work and i know if it has wifi ill end up coming on the net,

    Most laptops with wifi onboard have it on a mini-pci wireless card, not sure why you want a P4 in a laptop as they were the worst 'mobile' processors produced and a 2Ghz one is going to be relatively slow especially compared against any current or recent laptop. 100 pounds is a joke for such an outdated machine.


    i dont think thats a bad offer as if you look on flea bay there going for around 180
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