How Much is this pc worth?

    Got a pc built up from bits after i decided to build a new one and i thinking of selling it. But have no idea on what price to sell it for, so I was after people advice. The spec is:

    Intel Pentium 4 2.60 Ghz processor
    2Gb of Ram
    200gb Mator Hdd
    Radeon 9550 gfx card
    500w PSU
    Floppy Drive
    XP Pro SP2
    PS2 mouse/keyboard

    Just after a rough price to put it in ad mag etc as will cost a load to post if i put it on ebay, thanks in advance, put it was a cdrw but its actually a DVDRW lol



    id say about tree fiddy

    I wouldnt pay that for this pc, sorry.

    bout £80

    Id say £80-100 tops

    £40-£70 depending on how lucky you get, I got one of similar spec but only had 1 gig ram for £45 delivered

    floppy drive?

    Original Poster


    floppy drive?

    What do you mean does it have one or what type is it , its a 3.5" dirve

    I tent to strip down pcs as they bring a better price for the parts.

    P4's with slightly worse specs (smaller hdd, 1gb ram, etc) go for £100 new so anywhere upwards of £50 and you might get a sale.
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