Found 11th Mar 2010
Have a PC I am about to list on Ebay but want to check proper prices not Ebay inflated prices.

Got it off a friend brand new as he owed me quite a bit of cash.

Q8200 CPU
4 gigs DDR2 ram
500 gig hard drive with Compaq OEM Windows 7 on(its a Compaq machine but put the board in my spare case I bought as I prefer this one)
Wireless PCI card(not sure if N though)
Freeview tuner.

Mobo has a 5.1 soundcard built in and coaxial digital in and out.
It might even have Works on it but not sure.

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approx £200

I would say around £200-£250

Just after xmas ALdi sold a Q8300 for 349. That was with a 1000gig hd 4gb ram. So I recon, the price would be no less than 200 if you was to sell it. I think it might be 250.
Thou if you going to sell it on ebay, make sure it doesnt go for less rhan you want

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Cheers I was hoping for around £250 after fees/postage but that seems a bit optimistic.
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