How much is this phone worth?

    Its a sony ericsson W850i. It has a few scuffs and a little crack in the keypad but it is in perfect working order other than that and in good condition. Comes with charger, and box. Just getting an idea on how much i should sell it for


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    post a piccy and see how damaged it is


    see what they offer on mazuma mobile and see what the going rate is on ebay for a rough EST

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    As you can see there is a little crack in the keypad but it doesnt affect it at all when in use and at the bottom corners a few scuffs but its fine apart from that its unlocked too so im thinking of selling it for around £35ish as thats the going rate on ebay buy it now.

    Actually you can see that much so i will post another link soon with bigger picture

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    Avergae £26 trade in value over the various site
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