How much is this Surround worth ?

    I know i will have to wait 7 days now before listing but thats fine with me. Just wondering how much i should sell for.

    I've had for about 3 years and everything still working although one fan could do with being replaced in the reciever/dvd player as it's quite loud when it starts up but after a few min quiets downs. Few scratches on top of the dvd player through normal wear and tear.

    It's a Panasonic HT545 5.1 surround sound. The 2 rear speakers connect via a wireless reciever. Cant remember the excact specs but they are something like

    DVD Player / Radio Tuner

    Number Of Speakers 5 Speakers and Subwoofer

    Front Speaker 1 Way

    Main Speakers Power Output 110 Watts, total power 850w rms.

    Playable Disk Types DVD Video * VCD * SVCD * DVD-RAM * DVD-R * DVD-RW * DVD+R * DVD+RW * DVD Audio * CD (Audio) * CD-R * CD-RW * DVD-R DL * DVD+R DL

    Subwoofer Power Output 110 Watts

    Playable File Formats MPEG4 * DivX * MP3 * WMA * JPEG

    Remote Control

    Surround Sound Dolby Digital * DTS * Dolby Pro Logic II

    Audio DAC 24 bit / 192 kHz

    Progressive Scan With Progressive Scan

    Inputs Analog Audio x 1

    Outputs Composite x 1 * S-Video x 1 * Component x 1 * RGB (via SCART) * Analog Audio x 1


    Built-in Radio Tuner AM / FM

    Tuner Presets 30


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    Do you have the wireless receiver for the rear speakers? I take it that the two rears are mains powered?

    With no optical/coaxial or HDMI inputs I'd say around £50-£60 inc delivery.

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    yeah i have the reciever and the reciever is mains powered. The speakers aren't actually completly wireless as there's still wires runngs to the reciever but it's wireless from the unit to the reciever. As i said everything is in good working order except that one fan inside the dvd player....It's only a small one and would probably only cost a couple of quid to replace. It connects just like the one on the pc i believe.

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    any more opinions ?


    Thread Closed at OP Request. Thanks for the report.

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