How much is this Ultralight Sony Vaio worth?

Found 23rd Sep 2008
I have a Sony Vaio VGN-SZ2M/B
Originally worth around £1100 see here:…gle

Its a real nice laptop, especially the screen.Nice and bright and great colours/viewing angle unlike most 13" lappys ive tried.
I'm just debating if it is worth me selling it as it is surplus to needs or keep it.
Note the unique 2 graphics cards/modes.

Specs here except i replaced ram with 667mhz ram. It seems very fast to me. i thought i would find 1.6ghz slow.…ies

360 images here but mine doesnt have the fingerprint reader…tml


about £200-£250

The price you paid is irrelevant now. You could get that spec for about 200 now I should imagine.

bout tree fiddy

£300 odd id say

black gerbil1;3037911

bout tree fiddy

Thats starting to get annoying now. Reported


Thats starting to get annoying now. Reported

Twice. :x

Original Poster

Thanks for the replies. £300 is more nearer what i was thinking. While you might be able to get a Dell of same cpu spec for less, it wont be as compact or quiet or light OR last 5 hours on battery. The screen on this really is nice as well. Black is black, not backlight bled grey

How much do they go for on fleabay?
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