Found 9th Nov 2007
hi people my friend gave me his broken xbox 360 it has them bluddy three red light problem just wondering how much it is worth on its own???

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Three red light faults are covered by a 3 year warranty... Have you contacted microsoft about it?

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oooo i didnt know that no i havnt i dont no if theres a warrenty sticker on there. i no what my m8s likes hes probably ad a look in there thinkin he can fix it! wat an dounut dint no u get it dun 4 free tho!

Yup, they extended the warranty on red light issues to 3 years so you'll either get it fixed or a replacement If he's messed with it himself though it might've voided it

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damn it its pretty much garenteed hes ad a go at it well. saying had a go i mean opening it looking at it for a few minuets thn puting it back to gether lol

send it off to be fixed, if your just on about the 360 on its own with no wires i would say about £100-120

Contact them anyway, my hubby opened my son's x-box before he realised about the warranty thing, but we phoned them took a while sorting all the info over the phone but we didn't say it had been opened and they did state that we would be around charged if tampered with, they had a courier collect it, then they sent us a replacement with no mention of any tampering. So brand new x-box with no charges whatsoever, not even postage.

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ooo ok ilk do thank you every1 but i havnt got a reciept for it does that matter?

nope...they asked us when we bought it, we just said we got it from toysrus and gave them a rough date I think, but they didn't ask for proof....even when they said we'd be charged if it was tampered with, they only said it would be 70 euros, which is only about £40. They don't take your bank details or anything so if they were going to charge you they'd have to contact you again for payment details.

oh and it's a freephone number 0800 587 1102 give it a whirl!

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thank yooooo il let u no how it goes

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im on hold lol
do you think i can say i bort it second hand?

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It workedd!!! thank yoo! there sending me a pre paid postage thingy and there going to repair it he said nothing about warrenty sticker or warrenty anuthing so surely if it isnt there they canyt say anything

Yay result! :thumbsup:

they won't even try fixing it, they'll just replace it with a brand new one and new warranty... oh and we were also sent a free month online card for the inconvenience.

your mate might not be so chuffed though :giggle:

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i no lmao! il just say i paid to get it fixed haha. hes got loadsa money anyway! his parents still pay for everything even tho he works now!! which i thinks mad as hes never going to manage wen hes older. not like me ;-)

Glad you got a good result

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thanks :-) me 2!
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