How much is this worth?

    Asus p5lp-le motherboard, only a few days old with E6300 processor which came with it, and 2x 512mb DDR2 ram

    Is it worth selling or should I just buy a cheap case, dvd burner, hard drive and PSU and sell as a complete PC


    Hello are you this fine evening??!?

    I smell random.

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    I smell random.

    No E, that's fear you can smell...why would Ry ask a question & then not respond to a perfectly civil question??!?

    Hope you're well young man....I really must away now to partake of some beauty sleep...

    best selling individually, i recently sold an old P4V88 Asrock mobo for £28 and Skt.478 P4 processor for £10.50 and 2x512(1Gb) of DDR333 for £13

    not sure about newer stuff but E6300 going for around £40 on buy it now

    Mobo over £40 I reckon, RAM maybe a tenner
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