How much is this worth

    My brother is selling a laptop and i wondered how much it it worth as i dont think he will con me but he always wants a high price and i want an idea so i can bargain with him.
    The details are off a site which he tells me is the spec

    Sony Vaio-roughly 1.5yrs old excellent condition
    Intel Centrino Core Duo T2300 Processor 1.66 GHz
    1024 MB DDRII-533MHz SDRAM -
    100 GB Hard Drive
    DVD Dual Layer Drive
    17" WXGA Widescreen TFT Screen with X-Black Technology
    NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400 256MB TurboCache graphics
    Integrated gigabit LAN
    Integrated wireless 802.11 LAN b/g - Call for advice on Wireless networking
    Operating System: Windows Vista
    Integrated Camera
    Integrated Microphone

    So i think this is as close as it is, rep for helpful advice


    Laptop 19 inch screen, never seen a laptop with a 19, screen

    What make is it, how old is it, what size screen has the laptop got (I presume the 19" screen is an external monitor or that would be a massive laptop)

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    Sorry, you can see why i need your help cant you plus i have a 1yr old that wont stop moaning around the computer
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    remember it's second hand, so he can't charge anywhere near full price :thumbsup:

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    remember it's second hand, so he can't charge anywhere near full price … remember it's second hand, so he can't charge anywhere near full price :thumbsup:

    I know thats what i keep thinking

    You could get a new Dell with similar spec for around £400-£500 (may have to wait till a good offer appears though). Personally I would say £250-£300 depending on how kind either of you are feeling. A Sony laptop normally looks the part, lasts fairly well and has an excellent screen. A second hand laptop is still a secondhand laptop though. If anything breaks on them it is often more than they are worth to fix so I would never pay over the odds for one.

    This isn't far off that spec for £400 other than a slightly smaller screen and is brand new:…-2/

    Personally I would suggest your brother puts his laptop on ebay as people pay more than most are actually worth there. You should just find yourself the best deal going for what you want.
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