how much is this worth

    this is a special mario gamecube controller.. there was only like 100 of them made. just wondering whta you guys would value this at


    Either thats a very unique controller or your picture didnt upload

    this is what the link shows:

    The image worked for me. It's one of the Japanese-only Club Nintendo giveaways, isn't it? They used to be on play-asia (edit: here) for about twice the cost of a regular controller, but now are out of stock. I reckon you could probably get upwards of £40 for it, or more if you sell to a collector and it's in mint condition etc. I wouldn't buy it though, so don't take that as gospel :P

    Edit: A quick ebay search later, and 'international shops' are selling them at about £70 each. I don't know if they're selling though!

    40 to 50 quid as its limited edition

    wow that controller is ace!

    Original Poster

    haha i guess its worth more than i thought it was


    You've got a large market as it works on the Wii to allow people to play Gamecube games on it, and yeah it looks nice.

    lol send it to me and let me examine it
    ill exchange it for my game one
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