how much is this worth

    shenmue 1+2 on the dream cast. thanks in advance


    Try but surely it cant be much.
    Check out Ebay?

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    stick shenmue in the search on here to see if others have sold, diiferent places will fetch different prices

    and remember if listing on here it cant be listed till this has been locked and a full 7 days have passed since mod lock

    Shenmue 2 is worth a fair bit, maybe £20; Shenmue 1 maybe a fiver

    i would image these are quite collectable (to hardcore Shenmue fans out there), would also say that CEX is not a good indicator as to how much something is worth.

    For example - Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) is a rather excellent and somewhat difficult to get hold of game.
    CEX will give you £4 cash or £7 store credit for it, yet they sell it instore for £18!
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