How Much is this worth?

    Samsung X20 Laptop

    1.6 Centrino
    60 gig HD
    756 Ram?



    Well i think medion have a 2.0P4 + 60GB hard drive and 1GB ram for 400.
    May be wrong though

    I'd guess around the £150 mark depending on battery life, Condition etc.

    The fact its got 756mb RAM is good and centrino just means WI-FI built in, Also good (I think anyway!!)

    Best bet is to have a look at completed listings on Ebay (ebay pages are loading incredibly slowly for me on Firefox, Just tried)

    If its in good condition all round with decent battery about £200 I reckon. If the battery is begining to age and the case a few marks/scratches £150.

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    Cheers for the info guys, its in good nick, battery at least 2 hours! Thinking of getting rid of this one, and getting a new one when the right hotdeal comes along

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    Wow same laptops went for £280 and £300+ with 512 ram on ebay


    Wow same laptops went for £280 and £300+ with 512 ram on ebay

    Your best bet is probably Ebay then!

    2hrs from a battery is good for a s/h laptop (most heavily used are around 40 mins to 1 hour)

    It all depends on the state of the laptop. does it have an OS?
    boxes / cables etc.

    I'd say if its in reasonable condition with genuine windows you are looking at £200+ how much the + is is dependant on where/when you sell it and what else it has!

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    I don't like Ebay much! Looking to sell to family member at around that price

    Yeah its all boxed, cables, CD, XP.

    Cheers guys, rep left

    No offence but if its a family member, They'd be better to get a new laptop at around £300 (The toshiba from + 2% quidco. and a £5 off code made it sub £295!)

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    I understand totally! But its like a family favour. They will only use it purely for one thing - It will be at a fixed location connected to the TV downstairs just to play VCD's and DVD's from! They've gone thorugh loads of hassle trying to find the correct standalone player for months with no joy and are fed up!

    So rather than buying a new one anyway, they may aswell take my one which is more than capable to play disks, while I add another £200 for myself for something of more power.

    What are family for

    When i've had a pricy item thats gone 'in family' but i cant afford to just give i normally try and think what will it sell for in 6 months? and sell it for that or less. - that way if they dont like it / get on with it, they can sell it for no loss!

    If it all falls through - this looks good for the money!…498
    (google checkout too!)

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    It was a parental suggestion. They'd rather buy something off me, so they can benefit in someway, but I benefit more by having a better machine for my studies at the same time

    If you know its in good nick then I wouldn't have a problem with £200 to a family member, its a pretty good spec for £200 s/h (considering a Pentium M is faster than a Celeron M likely found in a sub-£300 new laptop). Any more and the new option becomes a bit preferable (due to warranty if nothing else) but that price seems fair alround.
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