How much is this worth??

    Looking for any apple experts as I haven't a clue. Basically been offer an iMac for £500 but the person who has it has no idea what it is (was her late husbands) and she was told to offer it for £500 by a friend.

    I asked for spec and got relatively vague info and an emailed spec list which doesn't have all info and I'm not the sharpest on apple products. I'll give you a run down on what I was told it is so if someone can identify a full spec and price it I would be happy to know if this is a good deal or not!

    She reckons it's a 20" monitor and 300gb hard drive (not listed on the spec I was sent so taking her word for it!) It's model identifier says iMac 9,1. It's an intel core 2 duo 2.66 ghz 2 gb ram.

    She reckons it's roughly a year old.

    So deal or no deal??

    Cheers in advance guys!!!


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    I have tried but like I said it's an apple minefield and I'm not clued up on i3 this or i5 that!!


    Look it up what they're........


    Phew....... X)

    Dunno m8. Seems funny hearing of a machine with a 300gb hard drive! I do think the eBay look s the way to go btw.

    Just say that's way overpriced and similar ones are going for less on ebay, maybe then she'll offer you a bargain.

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    i don't want to fleece her if it's worth it I'll pay it. The only 20inch monitor ones I can find are early 09 models so maybe it's priced right. I was after a decent bargain really!!

    I'd do it personally...

    It'll have a 320gb harddrive and its a 2009 model.

    offer to pay her in sexual favours now he's kicked the bucket

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    Ebay, search "imac 9.1" and 1 active auction comes up same spec as you … Ebay, search "imac 9.1" and 1 active auction comes up same spec as you list £300 start price no reserve 250842159990

    Cheers mate. Guess I could have found that myself sorry!! Hmmm maybe not such a brucie bonus after all. I'm pretty sure that now concludes this thread so thanks all for putting up with my general uselessness!

    go to mac2sell and add about 15% on top

    mac2sell shows £430...

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    Cheers all!! Decision made to stay away me thinks
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