How much is this worth? (Gameboy Advance SP Tribal edition)

Found 10th Oct 2007
Gameboy Tribal Advance SP (limited edition) + Charger
SP Gaming Joypad Grip
Competition pro storage case

Games :
Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Ruby
Mario Kart Super Circuit
168-in-1 cartridge (contains Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, Power Rangers Mystic Force, Super Mario Advance 3 (Yoshis Island))

[U 172 Games in all

Selling as I have just bought a DS lite.
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Anyone please?
I'd say around £50, plus postage on top if your planning to sell on HUKD.

The Tribal wasn't that limited an edition, and is a few years old now. The 2 accessories can be picked for £1 each in poundland.

Gameboy games aren't worth alot BUT Pokemon is popular. The 168 in 1 cartridges are readily available.
i dont think ud get more than £40 inc postage on here to be honest
Thanks, might be best putting it on fleaBay.
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